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We get it because we’ve done it. Too many small business owners are trying to build businesses by themselves. But that’s not how it works. You need a community. That’s why we’re here for you.

The Founding Moms membership is $50 per month. You’ll receive more than 20x that in valuable resources and a supportive community. Frankly, it’s a steal.

A membership to The Founding Moms enables you to:

  • Connect with like-minded women in your city twice per month
  • Take award-winning video courses complete with companion workbooks
  • Stay accountable to your goals through our Business Coaching Program
  • Hire affordable virtual assistants through our Virtual Help program
  • Converse with like-minded women in our Chat who wanna connect with you
  • Get business questions answered in our weekly Facebook Lives
  • Find fellow mom entrepreneurs with whom to barter and hire in our Directory
  • Gain access to exclusive media, grant and retreat opportunities
  • Get answers to the questions that you’re too embarrassed to ask elsewhere

“The Founding Moms was just the welcoming, supportive community I needed when starting my entrepreneurial journey. I was able to learn and engage at my own pace and on my own schedule. I have not found another group like this one!”

Brooke Griffin
21st Century PharmD | Chicago, IL

“Working with The Founding Moms has been a very positive vibe for me. It’s like a sisterhood of independent badass moms influencing each other and exercising their powers to run the world.”

Aya Mariano
Virtually By Aya | Manila, Philippines

“The Founding Moms has given me an amazing network of women that I cherish. We help each other with our businesses and personal lives as we have become friends. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without The Founding Moms.”

Lauren Angelico
The Monarch Studio | Edgartown, MA

“I’ve been receiving The Founding Moms’ brilliantly crafted newsletters for over 2 years. Of all the emails I receive, this is the one I look forward to actually reading. I highly recommend joining FMC in whatever capacity you can. The support is phenomenal, especially knowing that we’re not on this journey alone.”

Allyson Turner
The Code | Longmont, CO

“The Founding Moms has been a great place for me to rediscover new ways of connecting! As an immigrant who has been in this country for just a little over 20 years, it’s great to have a platform where I can see perspectives and am able to quickly reach out to others for help and advice.”

Vrinda Joshi
Tiny Techs Club | Pleasanton, CA


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