Your Customer Isn’t Everyone: How to Determine Your Ideal Customer and Market Like a Pro with Nicole Haney

Tues, March 28, 2023 · 1P CT/2P ET/ 11A PT

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You know you have a great offer, but no one is buying. What gives?

When we start our businesses, we think that everyone will love our products. But while you might have a great product, there will be a very specific target market that will like it more than everyone else. And when we learn how to speak to that market of people in a way that appeals to them directly? Magic happens.

In this training, you’ll learn the secrets to marketing your offer like a pro including why it’s so important to speak directly to your target market, how to create a customer avatar and get really specific on who your customer is, and how to effectively use your customer profile in your marketing & branding so you can create an audience of raving fans.

Three Takeaways:

  • How to create a customer avatar so you can gain clarity on who you’re speaking to
  •  How to use your customer profile to build a brand and get more sales
  • How to captivate your customers with marketing that makes them feel like you are speaking directly to them

Join Nicole Haney of Nicole Haney Business Coaching on March 28th at 1P CT to know the secrets to marketing your offer like a pro.

Here’s What Nicole is All About

Nicole Haney quit her corporate job in 2015 to start a health food bakery – without any business education or experience in the food industry. In just 4 years, she scaled a tiny farmer’s market bakery to a national energy bar business serving hundreds of retailers nationally, including grocery store chains. In 2019, she was named Top 20 Under 40 for her business accomplishments. Having built a six figure national brand, Nicole is now a Business Coach, Speaker, and Professor and is incredibly passionate about helping others embrace their dreams and pursue their goals.

Check out all the things at www.nicolehaney.com.

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