How to Use SEO to Attract, Engage, and Convert High-Quality Leads with Alison Ver Halen

Wed, June 14, 2023 · 10A CT/11A ET/ 8A PT

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Incorporating keywords into your content is critical to getting in front of your prospects when they’re looking for you, but how do you know what keywords people are using to search for you?

What if I told you keyword research doesn’t have to be hard or complicated? What if there was an easy way to find and use keywords that get you in front of your prospects?

By the time you leave this workshop, you’ll know:

  • What makes a good keyword;
  • How to research keywords; and
  • How to incorporate keywords into your content to get Google’s attention.

Join Alison Ver Halen of AV Writing Services on June 14th at 10A CT to learn how to use SEO to attract. engage and convert high-quality leads.

Let’s Talk About Alison

Alison Ver Halen is a content marketer, SEO strategist, speaker and author. She got her Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology without realizing it was the perfect degree for content marketing. It wasn’t until a family friend asked her to write blog posts for his law firm that Alison realized she could make a living doing what she loved.

Check out all the things at avwritingservices.com.

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