From Zero To Launch: A Walk-Through of the Website Process with Lisa Ghisolf

Wed, Feb 22, 2023 · 10A  CT/11A ET/ 8A PT

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In this workshop, Lisa Ghisolf will share her step-by-step process (honed since the days of just HTML) for WordPress website creation or redesign. We’ll touch on content generation, design ideation and theme selection (or should you go custom?), functionality and plugin search, launch checklists, and post-launch care. Also freelancer or client management.

This is a good talk for those who want to launch or relaunch their sites and those who work with clients.

This foundational workshop will help you learn:

  • The map of each step
  • A launch checklist
  • A maintenance plan for after launch

Join Lisa Ghisolf of Gizmo Creative Factory on February 22nd at 10A CT to know the step-by-step process for website creation or redesign.

Here’s What Lisa is All About

Lisa Ghisolf is Gizmo Creative Factory, with 25+ years in print, web & email design, and 20 years in business. She’s worked with big and small companies, publications and organizations alike, creating print and digital for University of Chicago, State Farm, Moderna, & many others. Aside from putting out fires, she has designed and built robust WordPress sites since 2008, starting nostalgically with HTML back in 1996. Lisa also offers training and maintenance and likes to work as a technology and design partner to her clients.

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