Flexible Coworking Office: Alliance Virtual Offices

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Alliance Virtual Offices. They asked me to share my thoughts on their coworking space and the benefits of a flexible coworking office. 

Transforming the way to work

10 years ago, flexible coworking spaces were an unknown concept, however, they have transformed the way the modern worker interacts in the business or professional world. Alliance Virtual Offices have over 1,200+ coworking spaces across the world and understanding the benefits of coworking spaces that come along with using them has been essential in planning a business’s success. 

A few of the benefits include networking opportunities, increased productivity & creativity, and cost-efficiency. 

Coworking spaces allow you the opportunity to connect with other business professionals. While working from your home office is a benefit, you could be missing out on opportunities to build connections that drive your business forward. Allowing yourself the opportunity to connect with other professionals also makes room for collaboration. A casual conversation can turn into a spark of inspiration, a change in perspective, or a way to build your business. Surrounding yourself with new people and a new environment can lead to a creative jumpstart. Sometimes leaving your home office and heading to a new office can give you the chance to refresh your mind and consider different solutions for your business. 

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Another benefit is productivity. I can attest to this, by working out of a home office, I am easily distracted. I’ve either focused on what needs to be cleaned, taking my dog out, or what I’m cooking for dinner. By leaving my home and going to another space it’s easier to solidify a “work mode.” 

Coworking spaces are also cost-efficient. Small businesses and big businesses alike know that renting an office space is expensive. There are tons of additional costs to deal with, but with Alliance, many of these perks are included within their monthly rate. It’s built into their business services so that companies and independent contractors can save money in the long run. 

Coworking spaces take you out of your bubble and expose you to new perspectives. A comfortable and efficient workspace is necessary to a business’s success and there are so many benefits and packages that come with coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are typically used by tech startups, writers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to work effectively, save money, and network with other professionals. Alliance Virtual Offices were really helpful in inspiring me to modernize the way I work. They provided an open work environment and amenities, a variety of desk options, and lounge areas – this really kept my inspiration flowing!

Alliance Virtual Offices is a professionally managed coworking space for remote teams and independent entrepreneurs. Their goal is to help innovative businesses and scale faster with flexible coworking spaces. As a business, or independent contractor you can build virtual offices and pick from any of their 1,200+ global locations. Alliance Virtual Offices wants to make it easier to work more flexibly and save money. 

What’s included in an Alliance Virtual Office Workspace?

Included in the Alliance Virtual Offices workspaces are:

A recognized business address 

Flexible coworking spaces

Hourly or daily office rentals 

Meeting spaces 

Professional live receptionist services 

Market-leading virtual phone system 

All of this is included in your flexible service agreement.



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