Expand Your Lead Gen and Sales with Apollo.io

B2B sales are tricky. If your business model is based on lead generation, you know how much work goes into finding those leads, then finding accurate contact info, and then reaching out and following up with those leads…it’s a lot! Then on top of all that, you have to keep track of that info so you don’t lose your mind. That’s where Apollo.io comes in.

Apollo.io is the leading B2B sales intelligence and engagement platform, trusted by over 160,000 companies and more than one million users globally, from rapidly growing startups to some of the world’s largest enterprises. Apollo.io provides sales teams with easy access to contact data for over 220 million contacts, along with tools to engage with these contacts in one single platform. By helping sales professionals find the most accurate contact information and automating the outreach process, Apollo.io turns prospects into customers (and who doesn’t want that?!).

At The Founding Moms, we love anything that makes your job easier and helps get you to your goals faster. Apollo is an all-in-one platform with the most comprehensive and accurate database, actionable recommendations, automations, workflows, and lots of integrations & extensions. Not to mention, it’s easy to start, with different plans to fit your needs and turnkey setup so you can get going faster.

If you’re interested in really hitting the ground running, they’re offering The Founding Moms 20% off on annual plans for new customers (which is in addition to the 20% off they already offer for annual plans)!



Signing up is easy:

Step 1: Sign up for free here and add a card on file (which can be done by heading to your Apollo account —> manage plan —> update credit card)

Step 2: Complete this Google Form here — use the code FOUNDINGMOMS22

Step 3: The Apollo team will reach out to you once the discount has been applied and when your account is upgraded!

And that’s it!

Are you signing up for Apollo? Are you currently using it? How’s it going? Share your thoughts with us in The Chat here.

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