The Founding Moms’ Feature on ‘Lane Kennedy Talks Life’

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.53.07 PMDidja hear about that time our founder, Jill Salzman, fluffed her hair with Lane Kennedy? Lane recently interviewed Jill about all of you on her video series, Lane Kennedy Talks Life. Watch her great video interviews with fellow entrepreneurs over here. Highlight, hear  the story about how The Founding Moms went international. Also hear how Lane found out about The Founding Moms and then share your story about how you discovered us in the comments. 

Top 5 Lessons Learned From Mentors: Breaking Down Your Business Podcast


This week Jill and Brad discuss the top lessons they’ve learned from their mentors. From needing only one thing to be in business — customers (thanks Lars DuPont!), to hiring great people and getting out of their way (thanks Bob Baker!) to why it’s imperative to look at all sides of the business problem at hand (thanks Marylin Dyer Blair!), there are many gems from many mentors who have helped build better businesses. They’re also joined by Nicole Knepper, creator of Moms Who Drink & Swear - a site that hosts a collection of profanity laced brain droppings about everything and nothing and Ethan Austin, co-founder of Give Forward - a site that provides personalized fundraising web pages so friends and family can send financial and emotional support to a loved one facing medical expenses. Listen below!

ChicagoNow Features The Founding Moms’ Exchange: Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.49.35 PMWhat brings people to The Founding Moms? For some it’s a mid-life career change, for others its for support at the start of their working lives. For one woman – it took three cities to bring her to us. Check out Eraina Davis’ story in ChicagoNow and read why she loves The Founding Moms. A quick excerpt:

By 2010, three academic degrees and three cities later, she graduated from her favorite Ivy League School and opened a pop-up business, giving people advice on how to start their next project. A month after her grand opening, a handsome dude from highschool wowed her from afar. This time she moved all the way back to Chicago, got married and she settled in the Northshore suburb of Evanston.  It was there where she heard of Founding Moms and attended her first meet-up.”

Thanks for the kind words Eraina! Read the full piece here and share in the comments what you love about The Founding Moms!

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Meetings: Breaking Down Your Business Podcast


In this episode Jill and Brad discuss their teams and how they conduct their meetings. Jill is a big fan of Google Hangout and utilizes it to conduct her monthly meet-up with her fabulous international team. She loves that she can see their wonderful, smiling faces and that they can encourage and inspire one another. Brad, on the other hand, loves to meet with clients and have focused, on-point meetings (no tangents for Brad!). Listen up to check out their tips for leading the best meeting possible regardless of your platform. They are also joined by Tamara Monosoff, the founder & CEO of Mom Invented an online community which provides information, inspiration & interaction for like-minded entrepreneurs and Tyler Mose, CEO at Indirap Productions, a full service video production and video marketing agency.

The Founding Moms on CNNMoney

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 8.13.21 PMDidja see?? We were just featured in CNNMoney! In “From Meetup Group To Full-Blown Business,” reporter Sara O’Brien writes, “When Meetup launched in 2002, its founders wanted to unite like-minded people. They never expected the site to help people launch their own businesses, but these five entrepreneurs turned their Meetup groups into profitable companies.” Guess who’s listed first? We are! Read it here.

Breaking Down Your Business LIVE from Techweek Chicago!


This week, the hit podcast Breaking Down Your Business comes to us live from TechWeek in Chicago, IL! In addition to discussing the  top productivity killers  - from the internet to open door policies are you being distracted from big picture thinking – and how to kill them. We also hear from Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871, General Managing Partner of G2T3V, LLC, Chairman of Music Dealers, and the Michael Jordan of entrepreneurship and Jay Goltz, founder of Artists Frame ServiceJayson HomeChicago Art Source, columnist for The New York Times, creator of and a lifelong entrepreneur, too. Tune in – right now. We guarantee it will improve your productivity 300% (note: results not actually guaranteed). 


The Founding Moms – In A Classroom Near You

img_9099Our founder, Jill Salzman, recently wrapped up teaching the inaugural class of nine month Starter School, a program of Starter League.

In the inaugural Starter School class, one student built an online presence for his family’s fashion rim and tire company. A woman began development on an app that gives presents, while her classmate explored Bitcoin change. One student skipped an MBA for the nine-month program. Another group is already in negotiations to sell all of the rights to their product.”

Jill taught students about marketing, branding and publicity. To quote her: “The transformation over the course of several hours was enough, from ‘I don’t get it’ to ‘I totally get it.’ It was fantastic to see such turnaround in the students.”

Learn more about the program here and check out upcoming class here.

How To Work Solo And Be More Productive: Breaking Down Your Business Podcast


The dynamic due of Jill Salzman and Brad Fisher discuss the top tips on working solo and how to be productive on last week’s installment of the Breaking Down Your Business Podcast. From starting your day with a physical activity (“Let’s get physical, physical…”) to interacting with others to taking a nap! If you’ve ever had 12 hours of work to get done in an 8 hour day – this episode is for you! They’re joined by Anthem Salgado, founder of The Art of Hustle which is a professional development and consulting program and Amy Riley, founder of Loving the Pregnant You providing one-on-one coaching and other services to really support women to do their best at pregnancy. Tune in today!

The Founding Moms’ Jill Salzman on WTTW’s “Chicago Tonight” with Howard Tullman

1871That’s the digital tech hub – a 50,000-square-foot space full of 200+ companies all working together under one room — where The Founding Moms is based. It’s called 1871 because of the spirit of renewal and innovation that rebuilt the city after the Chicago Fire in 1871. Learn more about how 1871 will impact the tech startup scene in Chicago from 1871′s CEO Howard Tullman and our founder, Jill Salzman in the clip from WTTW’s Chicago Tonight below. 

Top 5 Ways To Get People To Open Your Emails : Breaking Down Your Business Podcast


Last week, hosts Jill Salzman and Brad Fisher discuss the top tools to write great email newsletters and how to increase your open rate. From offering value, value and more value to keeping it short (they really mean it) to intriguing headlines, there are very likely tweaks that you can make to write a better newsletter for your business. They’re joined by Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive and author of a book by the same name. She shows folks how to create income, choices and freedom in their lives! They’re also joined by Pete Sveen, founder of where Pete shares ideas for all sorts of shop projects. He loves to create things and hopes you do, too. Tune in below.