Crib Sheet #135: 4B Services & Publishing’s Alaina Frederick

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.27.09 AMAlaina Frederick’s life has been full of entrepreneurial ventures, from e-commerce to blogging to much more. Read on to learn how this mom of four active boys can help you with your marketing needs while also finding time for an afternoon nap with her toddler. 

What business did you start up?

I’m most known for my former e-commerce site, Dinker & Giggles. I loved finding unique and often unheard of parenting products that made life a little easier. I then created a blog to help promote said store and I found that blogging was a lot more fun then staying up all hours of the night painstakingly packing orders. So the blog took off and now we’ll enter the “and the rest is history”. I have since started a company helping others with their marketing, 4B Services & Publishing and help people accept and grow from the dark times through a ministry site, Amazingly Broken.

What motivated you to do it?

Having just moved from farm country to the city I needed something to bring in extra income so I could continue to stay home with my children. At the time I had one son with another on the way. It was for the kids – yet there was still a part of me in the motivation as well. Fast forward and what motivates me to continue on is the joy I get from using my brain cells and being able to tell my husband “Honey, I’ve got the electric bill this month.”
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ChicagoNow Features The Founding Moms’ Exchange: Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.49.35 PMWhat brings people to The Founding Moms? For some it’s a mid-life career change, for others its for support at the start of their working lives. For one woman – it took three cities to bring her to us. Check out Eraina Davis’ story in ChicagoNow and read why she loves The Founding Moms. A quick excerpt:

By 2010, three academic degrees and three cities later, she graduated from her favorite Ivy League School and opened a pop-up business, giving people advice on how to start their next project. A month after her grand opening, a handsome dude from highschool wowed her from afar. This time she moved all the way back to Chicago, got married and she settled in the Northshore suburb of Evanston.  It was there where she heard of Founding Moms and attended her first meet-up.”

Thanks for the kind words Eraina! Read the full piece here and share in the comments what you love about The Founding Moms!

8 Tips to Help the Mom Entrepreneur Plan Life After Baby

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.20.52 PMGuest Post by Millie Rainer :: Entrepreneurship is time consuming and taxing, and it obviously requires you to be on your toes 24/7. A new and fledgling business is a sticky-fingered toddler who needs constant supervision and attention.

So what do you do when you suddenly turn from an entrepreneur to an entrepreneur-mom? How do you plan to cope, especially when motherhood is not as familiar a territory as the ubiquitous boardroom?

The fact that there is a new entity in your life completely and totally dependent on you can often prove to be quite over-whelming for the young mother.

If you are pregnant or planning to be in the near future, it is imperative you get your priorities sorted out. It is advisable that you have a plan in place beforehand, and devise ways to fit in breastfeeding, meetings, client presentations, home emergencies, brainstorming sessions and some sleep into your daily routine.

It may sound daunting but there are women who have managed to brave the tide. Read more

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Meetings: Breaking Down Your Business Podcast


In this episode Jill and Brad discuss their teams and how they conduct their meetings. Jill is a big fan of Google Hangout and utilizes it to conduct her monthly meet-up with her fabulous international team. She loves that she can see their wonderful, smiling faces and that they can encourage and inspire one another. Brad, on the other hand, loves to meet with clients and have focused, on-point meetings (no tangents for Brad!). Listen up to check out their tips for leading the best meeting possible regardless of your platform. They are also joined by Tamara Monosoff, the founder & CEO of Mom Invented an online community which provides information, inspiration & interaction for like-minded entrepreneurs and Tyler Mose, CEO at Indirap Productions, a full service video production and video marketing agency.

Crib Sheet #134: In Loving Memory Of Cash’s Tiona Hall

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 5.03.28 PM

After her son’s passing, Tiona Hall set out to make sure every parent would have a special way to remember those they hold dear. Read on to learn about how this mom is using her grief and entrepreneurial spirit to help others. 

What business did you start up?

After losing my son in February 2013 I have given up a 15+ year corporate career to start a memorial boutique. I handcraft beautifully designed, unique, personalized keepsakes. Although I specialize in pregnancy & infant loss I also create keepsakes for any special occasion (engagement, christening, graduation, birthday, Christmas, wedding, new baby, sweet sixteen, anniversary, etc.)

What motivated you to do it?

I spent hours searching the internet for personalized keepsakes for my angel baby and the majority I found were overseas. With 1 in 4 Australian women suffering from pregnancy or infant loss there is a huge demand for keepsakes in Australia. I have become an advocate for pregnancy & infant loss awareness. I want to make sure that no Angel gets forgotten. I want to break the silence and bring pregnancy & infant loss out into the open. I want to ensure that all bereaved parents can speak their child’s name without judgement. I want society to accept that babies die and we don’t need to sweep the issue under the carpet. I also promote awareness and educate wherever I can. I fundraise through the business for several babyloss charities, including Bears Of Hope and Pregnancy Loss Australia.
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The Founding Moms on CNNMoney

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 8.13.21 PMDidja see?? We were just featured in CNNMoney! In “From Meetup Group To Full-Blown Business,” reporter Sara O’Brien writes, “When Meetup launched in 2002, its founders wanted to unite like-minded people. They never expected the site to help people launch their own businesses, but these five entrepreneurs turned their Meetup groups into profitable companies.” Guess who’s listed first? We are! Read it here.

Mixing Business with Pleasure: When Your Life Partner Is Also Your Business Partner

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 4.41.41 PMGuest Post by Shayna Smith :: It sounds pretty cool on paper. You are in business with the same person you share your home and life with. There’s mutual respect between you as a couple and you trust each other to make the best decisions for your business. Unlike other couples you get to spend a lot of time together, which is a great positive in this day and age where people struggle to find ‘together’ time. You are both actively involved in growing not just your family but also a shared source of income. And you know that if something goes wrong the other person has your back.

Romantic and win-win though it may sound, mixing business and pleasure, i.e. going into business with your life partner, is not for everybody — even if you are truly, madly, and deeply in love with your spouse. In fact, it has not much to do with your spouse or the love you have for them, and everything to do with the nature of the beast (your business).

Let’s look at what going into business with your life partner entails and how to deal with the challenges that will invariably arise along the way. Read more

Breaking Down Your Business LIVE from Techweek Chicago!


This week, the hit podcast Breaking Down Your Business comes to us live from TechWeek in Chicago, IL! In addition to discussing the  top productivity killers  - from the internet to open door policies are you being distracted from big picture thinking – and how to kill them. We also hear from Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871, General Managing Partner of G2T3V, LLC, Chairman of Music Dealers, and the Michael Jordan of entrepreneurship and Jay Goltz, founder of Artists Frame ServiceJayson HomeChicago Art Source, columnist for The New York Times, creator of and a lifelong entrepreneur, too. Tune in – right now. We guarantee it will improve your productivity 300% (note: results not actually guaranteed). 


Crib Sheet #133: Reiki Healing Energy’s Janice Lodato

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 2.43.52 PMHave you heard of Reiki, an alternative medicine practice featuring hands-on healing? Janice Lodato has been practicing Reiki for over 10 years and has recently started to expand her practice to helping others in a new business endeavor. Read on to learn more about this mom is turning a life’s passion into a career.

What business did you start up?

I have a Reiki practice where I offer Reiki sessions and classes. Reiki is a hands-on healing technique. “Rei” means “universe” and “ki” means “energy”, like “chi”. So it is the universe’s energy.

What motivated you to do it?

I love helping others feel better and heal better. Reiki helps to relieve stress, manage emotions, and it helps the body’s healing process. I’m also passionate about teaching Reiki — you can learn to practice Reiki on yourself and others. It’s a wonderful self-care technique!
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The Founding Moms – In A Classroom Near You

img_9099Our founder, Jill Salzman, recently wrapped up teaching the inaugural class of nine month Starter School, a program of Starter League.

In the inaugural Starter School class, one student built an online presence for his family’s fashion rim and tire company. A woman began development on an app that gives presents, while her classmate explored Bitcoin change. One student skipped an MBA for the nine-month program. Another group is already in negotiations to sell all of the rights to their product.”

Jill taught students about marketing, branding and publicity. To quote her: “The transformation over the course of several hours was enough, from ‘I don’t get it’ to ‘I totally get it.’ It was fantastic to see such turnaround in the students.”

Learn more about the program here and check out upcoming class here.