3 Little-Known Ways to Relieve Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

shutterstock_304404209Guest Post :: Do you find it hard to take the time to relax and rejuvenate?

I know, I’ve been there.

Between running a business, holding a day job, and spending time with the kids and husband, it is extremely hard to find time to relax. Relieving stress, relaxing, and rejuvenating are extremely important to avoid burnout and for your business to thrive in the long run. I am sure I don’t need to explain the importance to you.

But how do you find the time?

The good news is, you don’t have to find enormous chunks of time. All you need is 5 minutes. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? You're probably wondering why you don’t know about these methods already. And why no one is using them? May be because you don’t believe the methods work, maybe because you don’t have time to figure out which ones actually work for you, maybe because your friends don’t know about it yet. Either way, it's time to make the change, to make it part of your daily routine.

I can tell you from experience: All of these methods work. There are reams of scientific data supporting them, tested on over a quarter of a million people. Read more

Try it On And Discard It As Needed


Guest Post :: It starts off seeming like such a great idea: A monthly ad in a local publication with free calendar listings for great events. The first couple of months it’s a thrill to see your ad and your photo in print and your business proudly represented. Then you start tracking the results. How many leads have you gotten based on the ad? You check your CRM, also known as your Mad Mimi audience list, and you find zero new leads from this source.

You say to yourself, “Okay, I’ll hang in there a bit more and see how it goes.” Then suddenly you get three calls in one week. The first one is a great conversation with a wonderful-sounding potential client...until the call ends with a startled response from the potential client that you’d actually charge for your services.

The next call sounds promising but the caller keeps using terminology that makes you feel uncomfortable. A few more minutes into the call he reveals that he’s only interested in bartering but has not mentioned what he’s willing to offer. Then comes call number three. The caller asks about how Reiki feels and if he’ll feel warm all over. (Hmm, that's not usually what my clients are seeking.) Then he goes on to ask about what types of shorts he should wear to his yoga class. “Are short, tight shorts ok?” he asks. Aaack. I tell him that I need to go and proceed to block his number on my cell phone.

Assessment time number three shows the same results and some very discouraging phone calls. I hang in there a few months and realize it’s time to let it go. Time to discard this mode of advertising. Read more

Gut vs. Should


Guest Post :: At a recent Founding Moms' Exchange in Chicago, the insightful Amy Riley encouraged us to do business “your way.” It was a great reminder to follow my instincts and make choices that come from that “Hell, yeah!” feeling in my gut.

I have to admit, though, that there are many things I do for my business because “I should.” Many business experts tell me I should offer potential clients a free sample and I should do a presentation at least once a month and I should attend a networking event monthly. Okay, okay, I’ve done all these things and more and I have to say my gut is rather skeptical about some these. For instance, the free samples -- honestly, the more “free” I give away the more my gut says, “devalued.”

For some of you, perhaps, you would have gone with your gut from the beginning. But for me, “gut vs. should” is a dance that I keep performing. I wish I could operate completely from my gut because it rarely steers me wrong. Read more

How To Develop A Media List With POW!

Orly in Skirt magGuest Post :: Do you want to get the word out about your business, product, or service?

Publicity is free… if you can entice the media the right way. First, you need a good story. Second, you need a good contact list.

Here are six tips to get you started on developing your own media list that delivers.

  1. Size doesn’t matter.

Big isn’t necessarily better. Focus on creating a lean, mean list that targets reporters and other media that currently write about what you do and can deliver the message to the target audience of people you want to reach.

A solid list of the top 10-30 reporters COVERING YOUR MARKET is all you really need. They can be local, national, or both.

Remember, you have a business to run and ongoing PR requires you reaching out and following up with these contacts. Be realistic about the best use of your time.

  1. Play close to the chest.

Brainstorm which media are best worth your pursuit. For example, if you are a florist, chances are you don’t need automotive reporters. Read more

Do You Feel That You Are Deserving Of All That You Do In Business?

sylviaGuest Post :: So many of my clients and other people I speak to have a real problem with feeling worthy and deserving in running their businesses. Most of the time it is those people who do not know how to receive and tend to overgive. It is about major caretakers — and in particular, parents — that feel it is their job to be responsible for most things in their lives. Many times it is those people who were raised by strong parents who had extreme exectations of them, or parents who never gave them the personal attention that they needed.

My experience has been with clients who tend to overdo with pleasing others. They hope that they will get the approval or love that they did not receive from their parents. They believe they can change the script and finally get the love they need. After awhile they begin to slowly resent that they are not receiving the love or caring that they need or want. Read more

Stop The Madness: How To Keep Productivity Prohibitors From Costing You

Guest Post :: We live in a world where there are seemingly more distractions, obligations and complications that pop up every day. Taking care of family, keeping up with friends, balancing home and work – it’s hard enough.

Then you add in the constant stream of emails, texts, Facebook messages, Snapchats, tweets and pins all demanding your attention. There are more productivity prohibitors than the average person can manage.

Consider some shocking statistics about how much money employers lose each year to the following:

  • Parents stressed over the cost of child care - $300 billion
  • Facebook - $28 billion

Read more

Dropping The F Bomb: How To Overcome That 4-Letter Word

juliaGuest Post :: Offensive… Explosive… Impactful… Powerful… Destructive. All of these words describe the real mother of all four letter words: Fear.

It is insidious and pervasive seeping into our hearts and minds, choking our confidence and strangling our hopes and dreams. We all have fear. It is part of our survival system designed to protect us, but while a healthy dose of caution does a body good, much of the time fear runs rampant and limits us from our greatest achievements and experiences. But if we can steel our courage and cultivate our most rock solid confidence we can learn to do battle and live and love victoriously.

Experts tell us that our biggest motivator to achieve our goals or try something new is emotion. Emotion is the fuel of our habits and behavior and all emotion can be categorized under either fear or love. Read more

5 Things You Can Learn From Being An Online Language Coach

12677057645_2018a46592_zGuest Post :: The Internet has changed many areas of our lives and that includes how we teach and learn. Teaching languages online is becoming increasingly popular and indeed has many advantages over the traditional, classroom-based experience. There is also money to be made. If you decide to become an online language coach, here’s our top 5 list of what you can expect.

1. The world is your oyster, Part 1

In terms of potential students, this is not an exaggeration. Distance is no object online, so you could be coaching a diverse range of abilities, nationalities and ages. This obviously relies on your ability to attract, recruit and retain students so take time to devise your marketing strategy, website and presence on social media. Read more

Crib Sheet #148: Poshlifebling’s Tori Torres


What business did you start up?


What motivated you to do it?

I wanted to be at home with my son, and hadn't thought about the fact that I would have to answer to someone else with regard to finances. What I could and could not have... Read more

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