Jill Salzman featured in Crain’s Business Chicago & Chicago Tribune


On Wednesday evening, our founder Jill Salzman emcee'd the launch of WTF (Women Tech Founders) in Chicago at 1871. More than a dozen female founders spoke to a crowd of over 200 and shared stories about launching their startups. Salzman shared, "There is a lot of chatter about supporting women founders and women in tech but not a lot of people actually doing it." The event was such a success that Crain's Chicago Business and the Chicago Tribune covered the event the next day!

WTF Launches Next Week And You’re Invited


How can you inspire future women interested in launching tech companies? By celebrating today's women in tech.

Never in history has there been a better opportunity for passionate, intelligent women to scale solutions and improve the world.

With that, we give you the launch of Women Tech Founders (WTF)! It's launching with an event at 1871 on January 27th in Chicago. And you're invited. If you're interested in entrepreneurship and encouraging students to launch great things, join us.

The vision? To create student-selected events each semester that compliment the growing women founder stories platform at www.womentechfounders.com.

Will you join us? Come to Women Tech Founders (WTF) Live! To attend, register here.

How Can You Build A Better Business? Talk To People


So many business tips, so little time.

In all of the Founding Moms' Exchanges I've hosted, in all of the business meetings I've taken, in all of the media appearances I've done, I'm often asked: "What's your #1 tip for entrepreneurs who want to build better businesses?" Read more

Almost Doesn’t Count: Why Leaders Need Active To-Do Lists

girls-with-glassesGuest Post by Brad Farris :: Starting a new project is easy—in fact, it’s usually one of the most exciting parts of the process. But how many times have you seen a leader start a new project, devote a fair amount of time to development, but then leave it unfinished?

Or maybe you’ve found yourself in the predicament where you’ve started lots of different projects…but not quite finished any of them. It’s a rather unsatisfying place to be.

And here’s the big problem: Whether it’s 0% or 80% complete doesn’t matter to a client. Not finished is not finished. In fact, 80% finished is probably even worse—because you’ve devoted a lot of time to your task and you have nothing to show for it.

But there are ways to get to the completion stage. Let’s go over how active to-do lists get leaders from start to finish. Read more

Dealing With Self Doubt


self doubt

Self doubt can be debilitating. It can cause you to question everything, even your very existence. As far as your business goes, it can make you feel like a fraud and make you doubt whether you actually have what it takes to do what you're attempting to do.

That same inner voice that not too long ago made you believe that you could fly and encouraged you to take that leap is now telling you that your wings aren't real. Read more

Why Results Carry More Weight Than Credentials



Some of us have been working on our businesses for a few months now; some of us for a few years. In some cases it's been lack of focus or direction, or a lack of confidence or support. Some of us legitimately just need a little more time, while some of us suffer from another lack...

Lack of credentials.

Depending on the discipline, the time it takes to gather up an impressive list of credentials feels like a lifetime within itself. That "lifetime" is the perfect place for self doubt, frustration, and "real life" to fester.

Which leads us to the very valid but seldom asked question "Do I really need them?"

If your answer is yes, let me share two examples that may give you something to consider. Read more

Is “The Struggle” Necessary to Succeed in Business?

Founding Moms | The Struggle

I have yet to meet an entrepreneur that hasn't dealt with it. It's almost built in like a right of passage. It can and does happen at any stage of business so you can't avoid it just because you've been "doing this for a while".

Every other thing we read and hear about business is about how to avoid it, how to bypass it, how easy it is to sidestep it, or how to "lifehack" it… but we seldom ever see or hear about how to just LIVE with it. Which leads to the obvious question…

"Why would I want to?" Well, lemme tell ya... Read more

How To Cope When You’re Having A Bad Day!

How To Cope When You're Having A Bad Day

Everyday won't be perfect... but you know that, you're a mom. And if that wasn't enough, you're an entrepreneur. This post is not about avoiding bad days, that's not always possible; but it is about what to do when you do have them... because you will have them! Read more

Why You Have To Take Care Of You!

Why You Have To Take Care Of You

I can practically see you rolling your eyes. "Not another woo woo post about self care!" That, this is not! The 4th reason may even offend you if you're the sensitive type.

The purpose of this post is that far too many women, moms especially, take themselves for granted in the whole scheme of life. Now add being an entrepreneur to the mix and you have a league of extraordinary women with a one way ticket to living ordinary lives. That's what Jill and I are trying to prevent!

Let's begin shall we... Read more

Founding Moms and Shopify Working Together Again!

On the heels of co-sponsoring our 1st International Founding Moms Conference in Chicago earlier this month, Shopify, the e-commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at their retail location, and everywhere in between is hosting their annual Build-A-Business competition.

Wanna hang out with Richard Branson? Then get yourself over to Shopify, because the winner gets to head to Necker Island via private jet to hang out with the Virgin mogul himself! If you have a product to sell, you can also create a whole new store using their  professional online storefront. It takes minutes to setup, has a payment solution to accept credit cards, and offers a Shopify POS application to power retail sales, too. Get in on the action over here.



This could be your chance to expand your business knowledge and network like never before. Click here to get started! You have everything to gain.

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