Inc Magazine Features The Founding Moms

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.18.51 PMInc Magazine, a publication focused on growing companies, recently profiled what we all already know, that “Moms Make The Fiercest Entrepreneurs”. From the article:

Another subset of entrepreneurs that fascinates me is mommy entrepreneurs, or “mompreneurs.” The research I have done has lead me to a couple of conclusions. First, the women business owners who succeed are sensational multitaskers, as all moms are. They have a keen ability to balance being both the CEO of the household and the owner of a business. Second, more than many entrepreneurs, their business ideas identify and provide solutions to many of life’s problems. Or should I say opportunities? They have great stories, a passion for their work, and unrivaled drive.” 

And the best part? At the end they name us as a fantastic resources for mom’s looking to enter or expand their entrepreneurial game! Thanks Inc! Read the full story here.

Back to School – Affording Further Education

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.19.07 AMGuest Post By Debbie Flecher :: As an entrepreneur, gaining new skills is critical to developing and moving your business forward. One way to gain skills is to re-enroll (or enroll for the first time) in some courses or for a new degree. Deciding to go back to studying is a big step. Once you’ve negotiated the myriad of courses available, then chosen where, when and how you’re going to study, there’s the issue of paying for it all.

The funding options available to you depend very much on your age, previous qualifications, family circumstances, and even the type of qualification you wish to study for. For more information click here.

There’s no doubt that taking the plunge and returning to learn as an adult, can make a significant difference to your earning potential, broaden your skills and improve the career opportunities available to you. But, unless you’re very fortunate you’ll need to make your money stretch a bit further and you may have to cope with a period of not earning, or earning less than you’re used to. Online budget planning tools can help you manage your reduced income while you study – these are widely available, but you can find an interactive version at

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Prepare For Your Vacation: Breaking Down Your Business Podcast


Vacations are proven to be one of the best ways to increase your productivity and reduce burnout. But the stress of planning for a vacation can almost make you not want to take one! This week Jill & Brad explore their top 5 ways that they prep for vacation. You’ve gotta clear your calendar. Inform your clients. Prepare your staff. Turn off your tech (what???) and make sure to reduce your workload as much as possible so that you survive the before, during and after of your vacation. They’re joined by Jeannie Walters, founder of 360Connext, a consulting firm specializing in the cornerstones of customer experience and host Brad’s wife Karen also makes a guest appearance. Tune in below. 

Crib Sheet #137: The Adventures of Supermom’s Michelle Sealey Lee

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.19.29 PMMichelle Sealey Lee has been blogging for over 10 years. Inspired to share her stories of raising four spirited kids she wants all her readers to know they’re not alone in this crazy ride call life. Read on to learn more about this mom who has a way with words. 

What business did you start up?

I started blogging ten years ago (in November) to a site I created The Adventures of Supermom. I enjoy telling silly stories, sharing an organic recipe, giving parenting advice (I have four children), sharing a picture I took while on a walk and even going through depression and anxiety.  I’m just a real woman going through real things and I find that sharing them helps me and people who read my blog.

What motivated you to do it?

I’ve always been a writer and reader and talker. I figured that if I could just help one person know that life happens then it would be awesome. 

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The Founding Moms Take Over The Airwaves on WBEZ Chicago

avatars-000089596426-9dxnwq-t200x200Chicago Public Radio WBEZ invited our founder, Jill Salzman, onto their tech segment to review what’s new on the scene. Wanna learn more about Amazon’s new Fire Phone? Need to know more about why investing in Chicago startups is so important? Jill talks with Niala Boodhoo on these topics and more. Check it out!

How to Get the Most Out of Today’s Tech for Your Business

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 3.50.11 PMGuest Post By Megan Ritter :: Any working mom is already an expert at organization in her own right, but as with anything in life, there’s room for improvement. With spare time being a luxury for most family-oriented business women, it’s difficult to spend invaluable down time on judging what new trends are worth following or what new technical skills are worth picking up. To help simplify the grueling process, we’ll cover the top 3 categories worth improving to give even the most efficient moms a little more time to themselves.

1. Invest in Cooperative Devices

The age of incompatibility among devices is over, but that doesn’t mean all devices carry the same benefits. Plenty of people get by just fine with owning a Windows computer, an Apple tablet, and an Android smartphone, but so much energy and time goes into getting the devices to play nice and the final result is never perfect. Read more

5 Ways To Use Humor At Work: Breaking Down Your Business Podcast


Last week, our hosts Jill and Brad discuss the top ways to laugh a little more in, around and far away from the water cooler. You can always hire by horoscope, although the long-term implications have not yet been analyzed by the FDA. You can try some improvisational brainstorming, wear more party hats, get more ridiculous in your emails or laugh more out loud. Really: Try it. Right now. Start by giggling…and then when you feel really stupid, giggle a little louder. When you get to full belly laugh, stare at your colleagues real hard between the eyes. Point at them and then shout-laugh so they get scared. Works every time. In between laughs they’re joined by Ashwin Chugh, a strategist, storyteller and former political campaigner who is working on a health tracker app for the mental health space and Patrice Turner, the beautiful founder of Book Coach 101, a service where she helps business professionals become authors and publish for themselves, not by themselves, and offers Writer’s Cohorts to bring budding and professional authors together. Humor is the best medicine – so tune in today. 

The Founding Moms: Tips on Creating Community with the Charlotte Observer

1j2nOG.Em.138The Charlotte Observer recently interviewed our founder, Jill Salzman, about how to create a real life community using meetups. Read on to learn how you could replicate Jill’s success in 5 steps – sneak peak: “Find the gaps.  Search for groups that may already exist and support the need you’ve pinpointed.  Maybe they’re not on Meetup, but you can suss out what’s happening on Facebook or LinkedIn to see if similar groups exist in those places.”

Steps To Becoming a Successful Mompreneur

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.03.33 AMGuest Post :: Motherhood is often associated with women having to give up their career dreams and live their lives tending to the needs of their kids. Although kids are a mother’s number one priority and looking after them is always on a mother’s mind, a lot of them do get back to working eventually, albeit on their own terms and conditions.

Being an entrepreneur can be liberating for some moms. It is a great idea to follow your passion and make money off of it. The idea of running a household and a business simultaneously can seem daunting. And truth be told, it isn’t easy. But, if you’ve made up your mind about having something that you can call your own, you’ll surely find the motivation and the energy to juggle both successfully.

So, you can be a “mompreneur” and have it all. What is mompreneur, you ask? She is the multitasking mother who manages her life, love and time optimally between her family and her business. In short, she’s a mom who is also an entrepreneur.

Mentioned ahead are some well-meaning tips for moms who want to get back in the game without compromising on spending quality time with their little ones. Read more

Is It Really Time To Quit? Breaking Down Your Business Podcast


Last week, the fantastic hosts of Breaking Down Your Business, Jill and Brad, discuss the top things to check when you’re thinking of quitting. Consider this: Maybe you’re just having a bad day. Or do you just need to change a few things up to feel better about the whole shebang?  Maybe you can split your work up to make it feel less burdensome. Or make different mistakes than you did before. You could even steal copy borrow people’s ideas if that helps. Anything to change things up a bit may help you when you feel like it’s time to quit what you’re doing. They’re joined by Alexandra Eidenberg, the founder of The Insurance People, a Health & Life and Property Casualty Licensed Agency working with over 120 carriers to serve families and small businesses needs and Mare Swallow, founder of the Chicago Writers Conference, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to connecting Chicago area writers and publishing professionals through conferences, workshops and literary events. Tune in below!