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Growing Beyond Profits by Growing Value

Hi Founding Mom! Congratulations on your success so far. You’ve invested blood, sweat, and tears (literally sometimes) successfully growing your company, stewarding it through the ups and downs, and managing multiple goals, roles, and priorities over decades. It hasn’t been a sprint. It’s been a marathon. You may also have invested in the market and…

5 Tips for your Social Media

Social Media Marketing is the best tool to grow your business and build your community, but it’s definitely tough to get started. One thing that all successful social media accounts have in common is a social media plan.  A social media plan is a detailed overview of your business goals, social media content, and performance…

Vrinda Joshi

Finding My Fit

Ambition doesn’t have to be “burning” all the time. Sometimes it can be a low-but-steady-glow too!

My Journey to Entrepreneurship

Sam Walton once said, “High expectations are the key to everything.” My journey to entrepreneurship has been a very long and eventful one, but I had always held high expectations for myself and what I do or want to do.

Follow Up with your Clients: An Email vs. SMS Marketing Comparison

According to Pew Research Center, 80% of Americans do not pick up the phone from unknown callers and generally do not pick up their phones as much as they used to. Gone are the days when people were stuck to their landlines and could only walk a few feet away. Nowadays, people are heavily attached…

Fueled Collective: A Supportive Shark Tank

Guest Post: Colleen Moselle is the COO of Fueled Collective in Minnesota, and the leader of our upcoming Founding Exchange Minneapolis, launching March 9, 2021.


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