Are you really THAT Busy? A Conversation with Jill Salzman + Brad Farris

Tues, Jan 24, 2023 · 11A  CT/12P ET/ 9A PT

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We get it. You’re busy. EVERYONE is busy.

Is that busyness getting you what you want? Are you healthier, more content, with secure relationships and financial security?

What if being busy was keeping you from the things you really want instead of getting you closer?

“Busy” is everyone’s favorite excuse. It’s time to dig deep and figure out why we make ourselves so busy, so much so that we can’t accomplish the things we wanna get done. There’s a way out, and we wanna help you find your way there.

Brad Farris and Jill Salzman, former co-hosts of the Breaking Down Your Business podcast, have been building businesses for decades. With 9 kids and two businesses between them, they’ve been there done that — and have been too busy to host a workshop about it.

Join Brad + Jill on Tuesday, January 24 at 11AM CT, for their conversation about how to stop being so busy and finally getting things done.

About Brad

Principal Advisor Brad Farris is an engineer turned leadership coach who specializes in helping creative agency owners unleash growth.

If your agency’s sales are between $1 and $5 million, you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and you believe your role needs to change to enable more growth, you’re in the right place.

Brad has 20 years of experience working with agency founders. As a result, he can quickly spot patterns and solve problems that stunt growth. Since its founding, Anchor Advisors has helped more than 450 agency owners lead more confidently and find more hours in the day.

If there’s one thing his experience has taught him, it’s this: the biggest barrier to growing your business is between your ears!

Learn more at anchoradvisors.com

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