The 2023 Mom Entrepreneur Survey

It’s time that we understand and celebrate an often misunderstood and overlooked audience.

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The 2023 Mom Entrepreneurship Survey is complete.

In 2022, we launched The Mom Entrepreneur Survey. It was a first-of-its-kind experiment designed to amplify the voice of mom entrepreneurs. It was a great success – we had 250+ respondents and we learned that mom entrepreneurs weathered the COVID-19 storm well, are highly motivated entrepreneurs and are hugelyfocused on growth. See the results for yourself here.

In 2023, we launched the second Mom Entrepreneur Survey. Although we did twice as much outreach, reaching out directly to loads and loads of people, we didn’t hear from a lot of people. By “a lot” we mean barely any.

Was it algorithms? Was it coming out of the pandemic and we’re so busy? Was it survey exhaustion? We don’t know.

Here are key stats that we uncovered in in 2023 and how they related to our 2022 results:

  • Lack of time to focus on growth remains the biggest challenge (44% in 2023 vs 40% in 2022)
  • Entrepreneurial dream or mission was still #1 motivator, and having time to spend with kids was a close #2.
  • It was reinforced for a second year that women entrepreneurs are running profitable businesses and that they’re not just “hobby” businesses

With such a small respondent pool, it was really hard to tell how representative the changes that we saw really were. 

We’ve been pondering what all of this means. We keep asking ourselves: how are we going to put mom entrepreneurs on the map if we don’t have the data to make a real impact?

We have power. We have a tangible influence in our local economies, in our neighborhoods, and in our communities. But we can’t use our power as a united, shared voice if we don’t come together.

We still believe this is important. Coming together gives our businesses the best chance for the success that we deserve. It gives us all a greater share of influence and shapes the tools that make our work better. It gives us more flexibility to spend time with our families. 

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