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You deserve the time and space to work on your business.

Maria Onesto Moran

Meet Our Business Coach, Maria Onesto Moran

Maria Onesto Moran is The Founding Moms Business Coach. Since 2007, she has owned Green Home Experts, a WBE-certified energy efficiency service provider. Maria is our Business Coach because she loves working with entrepreneurs who know that passion, strategy and courage are the perfect ingredients for success. Maria will lead this dynamic group, encouraging and coaching everyone to reach their goals.

Are you stuck at home and on work? Is e-learning, pandemic stress, and all the craziness this year has to offer holding your business back? Let’s face it, the past year+ have been rough for all of us. Personally and professionally, we are struggling. And while exercise, ice cream and bubble baths are all great remedies, they don’t do much for your business.

You deserve the time and space to work on your business. Your needs may always come after others, but they shouldn’t. Don’t regret losing time and progress. Join our Sanity Sessions.

For our Sanity Sessions, we hand-select participants who work in groups of 4-6 entrepreneurs every week for 6 weeks with the incredible Maria Onesto Moran. If you’re selected, during each session, you’ll get:

  • One 60-minute group call per week.
  • You’ll come to the session with issues or ideas and get feedback from group members. These sessions are built to create time and space in your schedule to set goals, work through them and to be accountable to a supportive, understanding group of mom entrepreneurs who are facing the same challenges.
  • In between meetings, you’ll have online access to a private group where you will continue to be held accountable, celebrate each other’s successes, and continue your momentum.
  • Space is limited. We only accept committed FMC members who want to make a real difference and actually grow their businesses. If your goal is to build your business, that you will.

What You Get

  • WEEK 1


    Build your foundation for success. Why did you start your business? What experiences lead you to this point?

  • WEEK 2


    An analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for you and your business.

  • WEEK 3


    What is sabotaging your goals? And what tools & resources will help you overcome them?

  • WEEK 4


    What can you do in the next month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?

  • WEEK 5


    Incorporate everything you’ve built up to this point to plan for success.

  • WEEK 6


    Time to share what you’ve been doing with the group, ask questions, problem solve, get feedback.

“Maria was amazing to work with. Over the past 6 weeks, I learned how to set goals, plan them out, and execute them. It was a laid back environment which made me feel comfortable expressing my challenges and concerns with being a business owner. I recommend Sanity Sessions to anyone looking for the next step in her business journey.”

Liz Bechtel
Bechtel CPA |

“I signed up for Sanity Sessions to give myself a kick in the pants and close out the year on a strong note, which I received, but I also got a weekly verbal hug. The whole vibe of the Sanity Sessions was supportive, energizing, and inspiring. Highly recommend!”

Nora Kerr
Memoir for Me | Chicago, IL


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