A Story Worth Telling: How to Pitch It Right – FMC’s Course 38 is out!

fmc course 38Wanna know how to finally land that pitch? We’re discussing how media pitches can help in the FMC’s course 38, A Story Worth Telling: How to Pitch It Right. Our expert, journalist Patricia Beets, walks us through the ins and outs of what makes a good pitch, who to contact, and why entrepreneurs should pay attention to journalism. In this course, you’ll learn how to craft a story worth telling, pitch to the media, and land some business opportunities!

My story’s not interesting, is it?

One of the first thing Beets reminds us of is that everyone is unique. No one sees the world quite like you do. As entrepreneurs, we don’t often realize that our stories matter – and even if we don’t see how our story is unique, a journalist most certainly will.

What about pitching?

A lot of entrepreneurs want to contact everyone, everywhere and hope something sticks. While that’s certainly a strategy, it might be a huge waste of time. Instead, you want to narrow it down to media contacts whom you really resonate with. Figure out who your ideal audience is reading – follow them on social media. Do some research. It’ll take time now, but it will pay off in the long run.

I keep sending pitches and no one’s responding.

Think really carefully about the story you want to craft in your pitch. What’s your angle? What makes your story unique? If you’re having trouble, ask a discerning friend or a few customers what they think – feedback is always good!

And remember, journalists get sick or take time off, too. If they haven’t responded, don’t be afraid to follow up!

Ok. I’m ready to learn how to pitch in the FMC’s Course 38.

Pitching doesn’t have to be scary and the payoff can be really, really sweet.

Jill knows that you can do it. Patricia knows how you can do it.

Don’t miss this wildly helpful video course, A Story Worth Telling: How to Pitch It Right. And after you’ve watched the video, ask us your questions on our forum!

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