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General Q’s

  1. What is The Founding Moms?
    • We’re a community of mom entrepreneurs that bring together an amazing women who connect, inspire, and grow our businesses together. Because we know we can’t do it alone.
  2. What’s FM’s mission?
    • You can read our mission statement here.
  3. Where is The Founding Moms based?
    • We’re headquartered in Chicago, IL. We have Leaders who run our Founding Exchanges in cities around the world.
  4. Who runs The Founding Moms?
    • The Founding Moms is run by Jill Salzman, its founder, and the best team in the world. That includes Leaders in all of the cities where we host Founding Exchanges, as well as our members who help cultivate the best community for mom entrepreneurs in the world.

Founding Exchange Q’s

  1. How do Founding Exchanges work?
    • Founding Exchanges are twice-monthly masterminds hosted in cities everywhere. They meet up in person at coffee houses and coworking spaces, unless there’s a pandemic happening in which case we meet up virtually with local mom entrepreneurs in the area. We talk about all things small business – from marketing to branding to sales and beyond – and support one another in building better businesses.
  2. How do I find a Founding Exchange in my city?
  3. Can I attend a Founding Exchange in another city?
    • You sure can! Please contact the Leader of the Founding Exchange in the city that you’d like to attend in advance to let her know you will be in attendance.
  4. How do I start a Founding Exchange in my city?
  5. What’s the time commitment to be involved in a Founding Exchange?
    • Each Founding Exchange meets for 1.5-2 hours twice a month.

Membership Q’s

  1. How can I join?
    • Easy peasy. Head to either of our membership pages—Launch It or Grow It—and hit the button at the top of the page
  2. What do I get if I join?
    • You can peek at all that we offer members by checking out our roadmap over here
  3. If you don’t offer what I’m looking for, can I request that you add it?
    • Please do! You can put in a request right in the chatbox on our homepage.
  4. Can women who are not moms become a member?
    • Yes. We have plenty of members who are “fur moms,” moms-to-be, and grandmoms, too.
  5. Can men join?
    • Are you a dad or a dude? We welcome all genders but men are limited to our online membership platform only. Founding Exchanges excluded.
  6. How can I pause my membership?
    • You can pause your membership by going to “Edit Profile” and selecting “Deactivate”.
  7. How can I hire a VA?
    • You can go to, click on the big red button that says “Hire A VA Today” and fill out the form to let us know what tasks you’re interested in having a virtual assistant do for you. 

Opportunity Q’s

  1. How can I sponsor The Founding Moms?
    • Head here to find out about ways to support us. Please note that we do not participate in affiliate programs.
  2. Will you consider me for a speaking opportunity with The Founding Moms?
    • We have a variety of options for professional speakers to participate in our community. Please contact to let us know you’re interested.
  3. Can I write for The Founding Moms blog?
    • You sure can. We permit members of The Founding Moms to contribute to our blog for free. Non-members can contribute but need to sponsor the blog. Please contact with your blog submission proposal. 
  4. Who can I talk to about sponsoring the Why Are We Shouting? Podcast?

Contact Q’s

  1. I’m having tech issues. Who can help me?
  2. I wanna sponsor The Founding Moms. Who can I reach out to?
  3. I wanna send love to The Founding Moms. Where can I mail something?
    • Send it to The Founding Moms, 1655 S. Blue Island Ave. #2, Chicago, IL 60608


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