Time To Strategize! The Founding Moms Community’s Course #22 Is Out

Trying to do alllll the things when you work from home? Should be easy, right? Distractions, distractions. We all have them.  But the Founding Moms Community’s course #22 is out today!

In this course, Time To Strategize!you’ll get sassy. Strategically sassy. Because Stacey Saunders, operations expert extraordinaire, teaches us how to run a business smoothly and with intention. Sound to good to be true? Of course it does. But it doesn’t have to be, obvi.

Does this sound familiar? “I work from home and I’m constantly amazed by the types of distractions that come up. Amazed! Like, the time I’m on a call and the Amazon guy rings the doorbell which sends the dogs barking which in turn makes the two-year old scream “Quit barking at the neighbors!”

Or:  “You know when you’re diligently updating your feeds and you realize that the dog has thrown up her breakfast and that my youngest has declared “emergency repairs!” and has driven his fire truck back and forth through the mess so that it now covers an entire room and hallway? These seem minor to the toilet overflows, the burnt dinners, and the entire box of Cheerios down the air vent.”

Or: “I hope your spouse doesn’t also work from home. I find that when he has some flexibility, I lose mine. He wants lunch, sexy time, or both. And then you daydream about getting a “Be Back Soon” tattoo on the back of your neck…”

There are so many more scenarios than these among our members. What with distractions in the business, distractions in the house, and distractions everywhere else, it’s pretty hard to figure out where to put your focus. That’s where Stacey comes in. She shares her Seven Sassy Solutions to make sure you get the general idea, and fast. You’ll know what areas to think about first. Then you’ll wind your way to what your priorities are and on which shelves to put them.

How does Stacey know these things? She helps entrepreneurs and proprietors trade in their busyness for business as the principal behind Saunders Consulting, a productivity firm for small business owners who want more time for who and what they love. Having spent 20+ years leading and managing inside both the public and private sectors, topped off with an MBA in Business Administration, Stacey is a contemporary connoisseur on spending time wisely and lucratively.

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