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How do you measure success?

How do you measure success? By how much money you’re making? By how much time you’re spending? Or by how many people you’ve told that you’re succeeding? Are any of those true measures of success?

Can You Save Your Career from COVID Catastrophe?

Guest Post: Diane Moca is a suburban mom of two and founder of MomSub, an app in development to provide super affordable, trusted, neighborhood childcare through a community of moms helping moms. To sign up for free childcare as an app tester, send an email to dianej-momsub@usa.net. As COVID cases surge, many of us now know someone…

A No-Fuss Marketing Guide For Mom Entrepreneurs

This is a guest post sponsored by PosterMyWall. Balancing business and babies isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to wear all the hats, fulfill every role, and don’t get sick days. However, there’s never been a better time to work from home, especially as a mom! Owning your own business means you get…

catherine gibel

FMC Member Spotlight: Catherine Gibel

Catherine Gibel is the founder of Less is More, a home organizing service driven by a passion for order and beauty. They offer simple, insightful solutions to complex organizing problems. They understand how to maximize space and have a keen eye for good design. Their systems create balance and clarity.

Nicole Guzman

How do you get it all done when life gets crazy?

Guest Post: Nicole Guzman is the founder of GooseWorks, a full-service branding and web development studio based in Newburgh, NY. She runs the studio with her husband Joe Guzman and has 2 tiny team members to round out the full family business cast. Nicole is a web developer who loves great design and isn’t afraid to talk about it. She has 10+ years of experience creating websites and making the web a better place.

tara kfoury

FMC Member Spotlight: Tara Kfoury

Tara created RIVER Educational Consulting in 2017, which is a specialized consulting firm designed to educate school staff, coaches, community organizations, students, families, and first responders on ways to identify and address educational, behavioral, emotional, social and mental health concerns among children, adolescents, and adults.

From Professor to Blogger to Influencer

In academia, we take calculated risks. As professors, we love data-heavy pilot projects, rubrics, and blazers. Rarely is something posted ‘on a whim’ or ‘just for fun.’ It took major guts to launch this! I think one day I’ll look back and say, ‘You tried, babe, and look how you grew.” I found an area within my profession that was untapped. You probably see one, too.

Burnout: It’s a real thing.

Productivity is unusually low for you and you’re feeling pretty negative about pretty much everything. Stress levels are at an all-time high. I think you are catching my drift. It is the sweet sound of burnout.


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