Meet Lady Boss Blogger Elaine Rau!

Elaine Rau is the fierce entrepreneur behind LadyBossBlogger, an educational blog for current and aspiring entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers. She turned her blog into a full-time business and hasn’t looked back. Now she teaches others how to do the same through a variety of courses on how to make money blogging, make money as an influencer, and how to start and monetize an email list. Her goal is to help women learn that they have career alternatives that offer flexibility.

What’s something good that’s happened to you in the past year?

It was the first time I’ve ever felt COMPLETELY CONTENT and happy about everything in my life. But it took the roughest 3 years of my entire life prior to come to that point.

I’ve learned that happiness has a lot to do with MINDSET. The happier your mind is, the better your life will be. It’s crazy how you can train your brain like that. Another thing I’ve learned is that being content is OK, it doesn’t mean you stop learning or growing.

When you were starting out, was there anyone who discouraged you from starting your own business or continuing to grow it?

Luckily my boyfriend at the time was really encouraging, which was nice because we were stuck in a developing country (Honduras) together for a year and he was the only one that I could really communicate with since I didn’t speak Spanish at the time.

If you could change one thing about the way mom entrepreneurs are perceived, what would it be?

That they are supported by their husbands so that they can “live their dreams” but don’t make much money themselves.

Where do you turn for biz inspiration?

Other 6 figure bloggers.

What excites you most about entrepreneurship and where do you see things headed in the future?

Having time freedom and travel flexibility. My husband and I just came back from a trip to Cancun and will be going to Houston in a week. We aren’t strapped to having 2-3 weeks of vacation time; instead, we make our own schedules.

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