Getting Organized with Porte Play

As entrepreneurs and moms on-the-go, we all dream about that magical moment when everything comes together: we’re not tripping over cords, wondering which kid took the iPad, and furiously looking for our charger which was right there a second ago. Luckily, we may have found a solution by getting organized with Porte Play products.

Let’s face it: We live in a gadget-happy world and while it’s easy to get wrapped up in (or tripped up by) our phones, tablets, cables, chargers, Kindles and more, it’s not so easy to keep it all organized. That’s where Porte Play comes in.

You had me at organized.

Porte Play is a line of portable gear designed to solve your storage problems when you’re out and about – and it doesn’t at all hurt that it’s actually stylish and affordable. Inspired by tech, sportswear, and on-the-go city life, Porte Play set out to combine utility and style. If you’re tired of searching through your purse for that pen or flash drive you swear you had, getting organized with Porte Play may be just the thing for you.

An inside look at the Porte Play line.

Porte Play offers five different types of carrying gear, both for on-the-go and home organization, keeping in mind that every person’s needs are different. Here are a few that are especially handy for entrepreneurs:

getting organized with porte play

Always carry a tablet with you to every meeting? There’s the tablet case, which comes in three different colors. With padding that securely holds a 9.4-inch tablet, you’ll never have to worry about scratching your device in your bag. There are five slots for cable storage on the opposite side, so you won’t have to detangle anything.

getting organized with porte playgetting organized with porte play

Need something to hold your accessories? Use the pull-apart organizer for cords, cables, flash drives, chargers, and earbuds. Open it, and see everything all at once – no need to spend thirty minutes emptying your bag to find something. If you’re looking for something even smaller, try the pouch. It’s big enough to hold your phone but slim enough to fit small items.

Ready to Get Organized with Porte Play?

Porte Play is offering every Founding Mom a discount 15% off — use code Jill15 when you find something that you love.






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