First Time: Leaving B for Work


Guest Post :: During my pregnancy, I remember thinking how will “it” all work out. In this scenario “it” doesn’t just refer to the baby-to-be, “it” refers to “life with work AND baby”.

Then Bella was born! “It” was forgotten for a few magnificent and sleep-deprived weeks. At 6 weeks the initial shock/bliss/ OMG! started to fade and “it” came back in a real in-your-face way. What was I going to do? (By the way, let me acknowledge that I am extremely fortunate to have had the privilege of asking that question.)

My uncle and father figure gave me advice that helped me figure out my next step. He said, “Robyn, if you’re truly unsure of what to do…go back to work. Right now Bella eats, sleeps and poops all day, every day. While that in itself is amazing, she sleeps so much of the day you won’t be missing that much – and this will give you the opportunity to know what will make you happiest and most fulfilled. As time passes, it gets harder to “try” this out (both to get a job and to leave your child). Remember, if it’s too heartbreaking or difficult you will know what to do without having any doubt.”

So, back to work it would be for me. Um, that left 6 weeks for us to figure out whom we would trust with the most important person in our lives. Read more

Get More Done with Parenting Help from Dr. G

dgWanna get more work done? We all love our kids, but we also know that parenting can be hard. Getting the behavior you want from your child can feel like a battle. So, mom of 4, author, and family MD, Dr. G, wants to help.

Especially for mom entrepreneurs, setting boundaries is key to successfully working from home guilt free. Work-life balance is so important and you can use these clear boundaries to protect your work and your relationships. Help your life reflect your priorities. Dr.G can help with all of this and more!

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How Can You Build A Better Business? Talk To People


So many business tips, so little time.

In all of the Founding Moms' Exchanges I've hosted, in all of the business meetings I've taken, in all of the media appearances I've done, I'm often asked: "What's your #1 tip for entrepreneurs who want to build better businesses?" Read more

How to Think Smart about Reselling

Picture 6BOOOOM!! That’s the sound the internet made when stay at home entrepreneurs realized the effectiveness of selling over the internet direct to their consumers.

Sites such as eBay and Amazon, to name only a couple, have for years been at the center of home entrepreneurship in the retail industry. A close friend of mine, who already makes an absolute fortune doing promotions for nightclubs, was so intrigued by the notion of Internet enterprise, went into a secondary business bulk-buying items such as DVDs and other goods. Read more

Sleep Your Way To Better Business


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The Founding Kit: A Business Startup Kit For Aspiring Entrepreneurs


You spoke. We listened. The Founding Kit has been rearranged, revamped and relaunched!

We've reworked our business startup kits for aspiring entrepreneurs and we think you'll like what you see. Have a great idea but don't know who to turn to for website development or social media setup? Have a fledgling business that you want to take to the next level but don't know the right publicist, accountant or lawyer to help? Not sure where to find an accountability partner? We do.

We've worked hard and vetted thoroughly to find the most incredible service providers on the planet. (In fact, co-founder Jill Salzman has used every single one of them to build her businesses.) We've gotten incredible deals on the first year of services from each of them so that negotiating great rates is one less thing for you to worry about. And if you check out The Founding Kit or the Kit & Caboodle and find that they're a bit too comprehensive for your needs, you can head to our Custom Kit to pick and choose exactly what suits your needs.

We hope to help aspiring founders over the hurdle of the painful startup phase. We've heard the call from thousands of entrepreneurs over the years and we've been there one too many times ourselves. See what Forbes, Crain'sDoejo, NBC Chicago, and the Upstart Business Journal have to say about it. Then head over to and check it out for yourself!


“Spotlight Entrepreneur” Jill Salzman on the Long and Short of It

"Are you ready to be entertained?  Meet Jill Salzman- sassy CEO of Founding Moms. A graduate of Brown University and law school after that, she ditched bankruptcy law to begin her entrepreneurial journey with two successful companies; Paperwork Media LLC and the Bumble Brand LLC.  Her third venture, Founding Moms is focused on connecting mom entrepreneurs around the globe.  Jill brings great advice to this Q&A with lots of humor.  Enjoy!

If you had to give a piece of advice to a girlfriend that was thinking about starting her own small business, what would that be?

I’d ask her to sell me on her idea.  Then I’d tell her to go out and find friends, family and strangers and pitch her product or service to them.  My first piece of advice for anyone is to figure out whether there’s a market for what they’re selling.  Too many people spend far too much time planning, thinking, planning, waiting, wondering if it’s the right time, creating a laundry list of worries, and then planning some more.  I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs spend upwards of 2 years prepping their product launch only to find out, post-launch, that no one is interested in buying it.  I’m very much a dive-in-first-and-then-plan kinda gal, and since it’s worked for me three times, I’m confident it’s going to work for someone else, too.

What small business resources can you not live without?

Twitter.  And Tadalist.  And  And Google Docs.  And WordPress.  And Evernote.  And Skype.  And most importantly, My First Ticonderoga #2 pencils."

Read the full interview on The Long And Short Of It here.

Small For Now, Or Forever?

Guest Post by Malik Turley :: How small is your business?

Mine, which opened its doors two years ago, started out very small.  I opened my dance, fitness, and parenting studio as a one-woman shop.  I did all the administrative work.  I taught all the classes.  I offered all the services.  When I started thinking about transitioning from a contractor-about-town to a brick-and-mortar shop, my friend and business guru suggested I work up a business plan even though I wasn’t seeking any financing.  She thought that the exercise of looking at all the aspects of my business from the perspective of a potential lender would be helpful to me at the outset and along the way.  Part of that business plan required projections – how many classes, how many students, how much revenue.  I hadn’t had to think about these things in a forecasting mode before.

Sharing the results with her and another mentor of mine seemed to indicate a strong growth pattern.  The idea took hold.  When I was looking for the perfect location for my business – no small task – I did so with the idea of expansion in mind.  Nothing needed right away, of course, but for “someday.”

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How Jill Salzman Made a Commercial For The UPS Store

"I'd just published Found It: A Field Guide for Mom Entrepreneurs in January. In it, I write about how any entrepreneur can rent a mailbox at The UPS Store and set themself up with an official-looking business address. Once I dove into marketing mode, I thought I'd reach out to UPS and ask if they’d sell the book in their 4,700 stores around the country.

But they said no.

Then, magic happened. A woman who read my book tweeted publicly: "I just learned that you can get a UPS mailbox for your business from @foundingmom's book! Who knew?"

Read the full article at NBC Chicago here.  Or just cut to the chase and watch the commercial here:

Summer Marketing Tips to Alleviate Stress

Guest Post by Angie Doel :: All of us experience stress.  That’s just part of being human.

I’m a single mom of three passionately creating my business, so I am keenly aware of the effects of stress in my daily life.  When summer rolls around and our routine changes dramatically, I must find ways to keep myself balanced and grounded.  Marketing my business isn’t one of my favorite activities (and maybe this is more about my time management skills than a true dislike for marketing!).  During the summer months when my children are home and our schedule is less structured it’s very easy for me to ignore promoting my business altogether.  But marketing consistency is critical.  Taking a three-month break during the summer months isn’t helpful while building a business. Read more