Want to start a Founding Moms' Exchange near you? Support your local community of entrepreneurs? Grow your own business and help others grow theirs? And make some money while you're at it?

The host application process includes a brief questionnaire and an interview.  If you are selected to become a Host, you will begin a very rewarding journey by serving fellow mom entrepreneurs and helping to advance a movement that is revolutionizing the business world. Think you have what it takes?

Here's how it works once you qualify:

1. Pick a day and time that works best for you to meet once a month.

I recommend choosing the same day of the week at the same time each month (Example: The second Tuesday of each month at 10AM, or the first Wednesday of each month at 11AM.) You may host more than one a month if you'd like to host in different geographic locations or more than once a month but that's up to you.

2. Pick a comfortable location.

We host in coffee shops, cafes, libraries and alternative spaces that have enough room, and preferably a back room, so that we can hear each other and our speakers. This type of space is a bonus for Founding Moms who bring kids to our Exchanges and can get coffee & treats during the Exchange. Going local helps to support your community and usually allows for greater ease of scheduling. We have a policy of avoiding hosting at private homes for a variety of reasons.

3. Send me your location details, the first 3 dates for your Founding Moms' Exchanges, and off you go.

Several days upon the new group's creation, Meetup.com automatically announces the arrival of your Exchange to thousands of members.  You'll be able to watch everything that goes on within your Exchange's page. Watch your message board as people ask questions, voice their excitement, raise concerns or double-check as to whether they can really bring their kids. It's a lot of fun to watch your local community of entrepreneurs grow before your eyes!

4. Schedule your activities.

Host the first Exchange as a meet-and-greet; network with new members and learn about their businesses.  After that, you can schedule an expert for the following 9 Meetups (December: no meetups) -- 9 speakers later, your entire year is scheduled.

5. Come To Order.

You'll have access to an agenda to hand out to each member at the Exchange.  It helps tremendously to make sure that announcements, opportunities, and speaker info (and more!) are covered.

In short: Find a place, pick the dates & times and then attend each month. Not only will you be able to educate fellow entrepreneurs, build your own business and have fun, but you will be able to grow a local community of business folk who can grow your local economy together. Pretty powerful stuff. We also have a pile of perks for Hosts to not only help you grow your Exchange, but to help you grow your business...and then some. Wanna get started? Fill out the form, below.


En Founding Moms buscamos hosts líderes en sus ciudades, con alto nivel educativo y facilidad para dirigir grupos, pero sobre todo con un alto nivel ético.

El proceso de aplicación incluye un cuestionario, y una entrevista.

Ser Host es una aventura sumamente gratificante!. Ayudar a personas con los mismos intereses que los tuyos es un camino que te abre un sinnúmero de posibilidades; serás parte de un movimiento para revolucionar los negocios y el mundo.

Founding Moms es una comunidad cálida y tolerante, donde se construyen redes sinceras de apoyo. Somos sensibles a las necesidades de las emprendedoras que además son madres.

Como host te convertirás en el referente para las madres emprendedoras en tu cuidad, tu negocio estará listado en nuestro directorio, podrás promocionar tu negocio y los eventos en los que participes en nuestros sitios y redes, tendrás la oportunidad de postear en el blog de la comunidad.