Here are the four fine, fabulous and fruitful ways in which you can sponsor a Founding Moms' Exchange:

1.  Sponsor one live Founding Moms' Exchange. Go local.  Pick a city, any city, and make its Exchange your own.  They'll talk about you all month, online and off.  They'll ooh and ahh as they pass your product around.  And if someone so dares, they might even climb a ladder and shout your brand's name from the rooftops.  (Ladder not included.)

2. Sponsor a whole lot of Founding Moms' Exchanges. Wanna go big?  Take your brand nationwide.  Multiply those efforts at a steal and have momtrepreneurs become brand ambassadors all year long.

3. Get featured in our newsletter.  To the entire membership.  Which is growing each day. With 100+ members joining a Founding Moms' Exchange near them every week, make sure you reach all of them.

4. Donate. Seriously.  It just feels so right.

Contact Lisa Parisi to sponsor.  She looks forward to hearing from you!