"I love The Founding Moms.  The practical advice I received at The Founding Moms' Exchange: Austin gave me the insight and confidence I needed to continue writing.  I am so glad to be a part of The Founding Moms." -
Yolanda Ruiz-Leon Baker, Austin, TX

"Not only have I met a great group of working moms like me, but it has helped me to increase sales because of the ideas and suggestions that I’ve received.  I love The Founding Moms."  -Stephanie Coelho, Atlanta, GA

“The networking group that has impacted my business the most is The Founding Moms. This is 100% because of Jill Salzman. She is an amazing networker and is always there to ask how she can help you. She connects people to help them reach their goals.  Jill’s newsletter is filled with great “what is new” information for the busy business owner to stay up on great opportunity and trends. If you looking for support and help in growing your business, The Founding Moms is it!”   -Maureen Wozniak,  Contact Karma, Chicago, IL

"I've attended The Founding Moms' Exchange: Oak Park from the very beginning and have made wonderful connections.  I started out with an inkling of a business idea.  When it came time to beta test my brand strategy consulting services, other mom entrepreneurs jumped in to give me incredible feedback and ideas.  I'm able to launch my business quicker -- and better -- because of the connections I've made." -Michele Golden, BrandNew, Oak Park, IL

"These aren't Avon ladies - there were a couple of people in manufacturing, a hairdresser, a specialty caterer and others. Many of the high-tech events I attend don't match this for the quality of the presentation or networking. And a bonus - babies! It was so much fun to see them." - Meta Brown, Chicago, IL

"Jill is passionate about helping moms with their businesses, and she's a riot! I think this group will offer lots of opportunities to develop and grow our businesses as we connect with and help one another." - Jen Howver, VOD Communications, South Barrington, IL

"It's a wonderful opportunity to share challenges & ideas with other women." - Sally

"Other moms should join the group for networking, sharing ideas and socializing with like-minded women." - Charessa

"It was a great meeting. All the ladies were very friendly and helpful with the suggestions and ideas we shared as a group." -Toni

"Great group for small business owners & moms to network!" - Jennifer

"Interesting guest speaker, and awesome ladies attending with diverse backgrounds/businesses. Great meeting!" - Deana

"It's a great group for mom's like myself who are looking to network with like-minded business women. I"m so glad I joined." - Pleshette Simone, Chicago, IL

"I liked the positive vibe of the ladies in this group at our first meeting. the appeared eager to share, offered great ideas and advice and seemed to have a caring spirit. I also love the flexibility of bringing my 3 year old son with me to a meeting if I need to while my older son is in school!" - Nicole

"Like-minded, self-motivated people!" - Melissa

“ Great business ideas and wonderful women that will help support your efforts to grow your business." - Dawn Molski

"As a mom and as an entrepreneur running my own business, I was intrigued with the idea of attending a Founding Moms' Exchange.  My goal was to meet like-minded women who would share their ideas and success stories so that I would be inspired and find new ways to grow my own business.  Not only did I meet a diverse group of women to network with, but I came across an additional business opportunity that has significantly impacted my life and my income.  Take advantage of the The Founding Moms - it's an adrenaline shot for your business." - Vera Chan, SMARTcommunication, Oak Park, IL