Found It Cover"A spitball of energy and sass, Jill inspires with her business experience and know-how."

~ Jacqueline Smith, Founder of Kiesque, Inc.


By Jill Salzman


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Are you an entrepreneur with kids? Are you a mother who dreams of starting a successful business? Whether you’re an accomplished mommy mogul or an aspiring entrepreneur who happens to be raising kids, Found It: A Field Guide For Mom Entrepreneurs is the perfect companion for a journey that too many women take solo.  Serial entrepreneur, attorney, harried mom and sassy speaker Jill Salzman has written 50 chapters brimming with practical advice, tips and tricks to help a woman fine-tune her self-starter skills and raise a successful company.

  • Get pointers on how to incorporate kids into your daily business routine
  • Read dozens of mom entrepreneurs' accounts of their adventures in time management
  • Learn why a business plan may not be as important as you thought.
  • Launch your dream, keep it running, and turn it into a thriving business--just like Jill did with her global organization, The Founding Moms, a collective of meetups for mom entrepreneurs.

You're not alone. You're not crazy. You can blend motherhood and business. This book will tell you how to do it.

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"While Jill’s book is funny and lighthearted, it’s coupled with serious but simple and easy-to-digest suggestions for getting a business off the ground.  Found It will educate a lot of momtrepreneurs about practical steps to take, but just as importantly, it will give them the confidence that the business mountain is indeed scalable."  -Meg Cadoux Hirshberg, author, For Better or For Work:  A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families

"It's so engaging I didn't want to put it down. Jill offers advice and reassures me that I'm not an idiot for making the mistakes I have made (and will make). I've highlighted several parts and made notes. I don't usually do book reviews, but I feel like this is one I need to share with my community. If you haven't read it yet, please do." Melanie Nelson, Blogging Basics 101

"Really enjoyed your book and found it inspiring!" -Donna Peel, West Cook Pro Bono Network

"Just got gloriously schooled in all things Twitter by Jill. Thought we knew it all. We were dead wrong." -Frank Hajdu,

"It's hands down the best book I've read geared towards moms who want to start their own business. I also think it's helpful for those without children  and just don't know where to begin. After I read Jill's book I realized that there was nothing to it but to do it." -Laila McCloud,

"Her encouragement and advice come together in this lovely book that reads like a coffee date with a good friend. " - Cool Mom Picks

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