We really need sponsors.  Help.

Is it me or should this part of setting up a national conference be marked Mission: Impossible?  Sure, it's not 1986 where money flowed like wine out of  corporate pockets and into the hands of every niche conference imaginable.

On the phone yesterday, I pitched a potential sponsor about what an incredible conference The Momtrepreneur Exchange is going to be, how inspiring the Momtrepreneur Meetups are, and how her company would profit tremendously from participating.  Let's just say that it was going superduperly until my 3-month old started howling like Darryl Hannah in Splash and, well, forget about this woman's mood transitioning from interested to less interested to she-was-getting-another-call-disinterested: she could not hear a word that I was saying.

Without actually dragging every potential sponsor to a Meetup so that they get why we need to make this happen on a national level, I've found it very challenging to convey the spirit of the whole thing.  Any creative ideas out there?  Anyone?

First things first:  throw out the baby with the bathwater before making any more phone calls.